Learn how to become great with the kettlebell movements 

Our sessions and programs are effective and enjoyable. You get to train in our kettlebell club with people all enthusiastic about improving their movements with kettlebells, whilst all motivating each other.

Our HARDSTYLE KETTLEBELL CLUB is taught by a Strongfirst instructor. STRONGFIRST are the best in the industry at producing great certified kettlebell coaches worldwide.

From Beginners to Advanced

We welcome all types of abilities to the kettlebell club, from people who are beginners and have not trained with kettlebells before to the more advanced kettlebell enthusiast who wants to progress onto more advanced hardstyle kettlebell movements.

Kettlebell Fundamentals

Learn how to perform the following kettlebell fundamental movements below from kettlebell grinds to ballistic movements.

  • Kettlebell swing
  • Kettlebell clean
  • Kettlebell press
  • Kettlebell Squat
  • Kettlebell Turkish get up.
  • Kettlebell snatch


BALLISTIC exercises are movements like the kettlebell swing, cleans or snatches.

GRINDS are exercises like Squats, presses, KB deadlifts and Turkish get ups.

Get to learn different movements with a single kettlebell to the more advanced double kettlebell movements.

Improving Your Movement First

We prioritize safety first, to better understand how to control your body when performing the kettlebell and bodyweight movements, in turn building a resilient and more robust body.

Learn how these movements can help you build better stability, mobility, strength, power, and strength endurance. Not to mention they are a great tool to help you build muscle and improve fat loss.


Move Better

We teach people how to move better with kettlebells and bodyweight exercises

Kettlebell Fundamental Movement Patterns

We train all kettlebell fundamental movement patterns as a foundation first then move you onto other progressions

Power, Tension and Relaxation

Learn how to use the above on all the kettlebell movements to reap amazing benefits.

Quality Over Quantity

We pay special attention to each movement, learn how to perform each movement safely, reinforcing quality movement rather than quantity.

Movement & Strength First

We emphasize becoming stronger, putting movement and strength first, making you move better, teaching you when to use power and relaxation on each movement

A Better-Balanced Body

Improve your balance and body’s symmetry.

Practice to Progress

Practice first, learn the skill correctly then progress it to build strength, power, and strength endurance.

Movements to Suit Your Abilities

There's always regressions and progressions of each kettlebell movement to suit your individual abilities, also with your movement limitations/ injuries and fitness levels. We give you movements you can perform safely and effectively.

Simple Principles that Get Results

Following simple effective principles to better learn the hardstyle kettlebell approach.

Minimal Equipment

We coach you with minimal equipment, using 1-2 kettlebells and just your own bodyweight so you can perform them anywhere whether it is in the gym, outside or on holiday you can still get your exercise done.

Programs to Help You Keep Practicing

Get access to extra weekly programs to follow around your KB sessions using only 1-2 kettlebell weights. This is a great option for busy people who want to follow extra programs around their sessions. Who may be limited on time and may not have the time to practice at another gym around their sessions.

The beauty about kettlebells is you can train anywhere with them, and the workouts are very time efficient to get your exercise completed, which is great for helping you stay consistent with it.

Learn How to Write Great Kettlebell Programs

Learn how to design effective kettlebell & bodyweight programs for yourself to perform anywhere with just 1-2 kettlebells.

What HARDSTYLE means here is a brief breakdown

How it all started

Hard Style kettlebell training was born in the spec ops of the Soviet Union. In the 1970s select units adopted a karate-based style of hand-to-hand combat.

The hard style of kettlebell training evolved in the 1980s to support the hard style of fighting.”

Hardstyle kettlebell training and certain martial arts share the concept of “focusing energy,” expressed in the snap of a well-executed kettlebell swing or a punch.

The fact that this style was born from fighting serves to differentiate it from the other styles.

The term Hardstyle does not refer to its difficulty, as many people believe.

This blended martial art had its roots in Okinawan Goju Ryu, a martial art known for its hard Japanese influences as well as its flowing Chinese suppleness.

Loose like a whip preparing to strike, and as hard as iron when focus is delivered to the blow

This application of focus is necessary to apply an explosive attack “to the target or kettlebell lift, using the appropriate technique and maximum power in the shortest time possible.

In other words, we are looking for “power production over power conservation.” creating tension and relaxation to each lift.”

Pavel Tsatsouline, brought the hardstyle kettlebell technique to the US in 1998 and quickly became a Subject Matter Expert to the elite of the US military and law enforcement, including the Marines, the Secret Service, and the Navy SEALs.

Pavel co-developed the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) and then left to form his own all-round strength training company, StrongFirst in 2012.

Hardstyle kettlebell is employing “maximal acceleration in the kettlebell ballistic quick lifts such as a kettlebell swing and maximal tension in the GRINDS slow lifts” such as a Kettlebell Press, we train both sides of the performance coin – tension and relaxation.

Muscles generate force by creating tension.

Tension = force.

So, we perform our slow lifts with maximal tension.

This low stress practice allows the body to learn how to perform the skill of creating tension when needed to safely move the heaviest weights.

Power, Tension and Relaxation

Hardstyle distinguishes between ballistic lifts and grinds.

Ballistic lifts are the fast lifts such as the kettlebell swing, kettlebell clean and the kettlebell snatch.

The grinds are like the Turkish get-up, double kettlebell squat and the military presses.

There are two different approaches to these two styles of lifts grinds and ballistics.

For ballistic lifts, there is a balance between periods of explosive effort, such as the powerful forward hip hinge that starts the swing, and relaxation, for example the split second as the kettlebell “floats” at the top of the swing.

In the grinds, high tension is employed as a deliberate device to increase strength.

For example, the phenomenon of “irradiation” is used, where tensing one part of the body is to radiate strength into other body parts.

Applying this to the military press, you might choose to squeeze your free hand into a fist to push through sticking points in the lift.

We teach tension in our sessions which is advised for all slow movements (non-ballistic) which creates a strong stable foundation to move the weight safely and effectively.

This means you will be using more tightness than necessary to lift the weight.

Learn the skills to do it properly. With appropriate tension to make the body safe to use the muscles appropriately with relaxation at certain stages of the lift

Kettlebell Hardstyle Club

✅ better movement

✅ increased strength

✅ improved fitness

✅ improve flexibility

✅ a great community to be part of


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    Mat at Evolve focuses a lot of care and attention to make sure you learn lifts/exercises correctly so that you do them safely and with confidence. This has also increased my confidence when I’m in the gym on my own because I now know what I’m doing and understand the reasons why.

    Natalie Fox

    I would 100 percent recommend Evolve Fitness and Performance to anyone at any level.

    Mat has given me the confidence and belief that anything is possible with some hard work and know how.

    Jay Elkinson

    In the first six months, I was able to reach my weight goal – dropping over 35 kg (5 1/2 stone, 77 lbs). Since then we’ve been working on maintenance, building muscle and flexibility, etc. I have now reached my first year mark with Evolve.

    Edward Phippen

    This has really spurred me on to eat more healthy. With a nutriton programme that Evolve has designed for me, I have been able to achieve a huge improvement in my overall body performance and body shape.

    Nicola Hinchy

    I initially started with Evolve with the ambition to intensify my motivation for the gym and also to increase my weight. Within weeks I could notice a substantial difference to my health after doing predominantly strength work and posture improvement.

    Marcus Buchanan

    Since starting my fitness journey with Evolve I feel like a different person. I can do pull-ups and dips. I can do press ups. I have completed numerous 5km and 10km races, and 2 half marathons amongst other challenges.

    I’m now stronger, happier and healthier. Thank you Evolve Fitness. I really appreciate everything you have done for me.

    Anna De Piano

    Evolve Fitness did an initial consultation looking at my diet and lifestyle, current training programme and personal goals and objectives. From this information they built a bespoke training and nutritional plan. Since working with Evolve I have lost over 3 stone in weight and dropped nearly 10% body fat.

    Prak Patel

    I was recommended to Evolve Fitness over 12 months ago when I was overweight, unfit and depressed. They have now transformed me into a fit, healthier, slimmer and happier woman. I have lost 4 stone over the last 12 month and I no longer have problems with my knees.

    Glyniss Sluckis

    Evolve Fitness & Performance is really knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. They have experienced and motivational trainers, who works with you to achieve your goals. The sessions are tailored, well structured, varied and enjoyable.

    Donna Dalton

    My body fat has dropped dramatically and I’ve lost over 3 stone which I am very pleased with. My nutritional knowledge has changed a lot and I now know more about exercising correctly and the correct nutrition to eat to improve sports performance.

    David Corry

    After training with Evolve Fitness & Performance for just over 2 years now I can’t believe how much fitter and more agile I feel now.

    I am 61 years of age, I have lost over 20lbs and am now able to easily keep up with those who are 20 years younger than me.

    Andrea Tobias

    When I first got on board with Evolve Fitness and Performance I had a serious back injury. During the 6 months I have trained with Evolve, they have helped strengthen my back and improved my overall posture through learning corrective exercises.

    Tom Stephens

    Over the time I was with Evolve, I have seen a marked increase in my performance. I have improved my exercise technique, improved my overall posture and following the extra exercise programming I can now move better, my body shape has changed and I have also learned how to correct my weaknesses and programme for myself.

    Aimee Le Bear

    I came to Evolve after booking my wedding a year ago.

    I wasn’t happy with my shape and I felt really unfit. With Evolve’s help I feel so much better about myself. I feel stronger, healthier and more confident about my body.

    Becky McEwen

    I made the decision to change my life and start losing weight and to get fit. So with the support of my family and friends I embarked on a new health and fitness plan with Evolve Fitness and Performance.

    I knew it was going to be hard and at times really tough! But with Evolve’s help over the last 8 months I have lost nearly 6st. I also ran a 5k Parkrun in under 40 minutes something I never thought I would ever do.

    Paul Hopwood

    I’m 21 years old and I originally started training with Evolve Fitness to get ‘toned’. I’ve now been having sessions with them for over a year and I can definitely say that if I was asked me again what my goals are it would be ‘to become more knowledgeable and stronger.’

    Sigourney Pendulbury

    I came to Evolve having started a career break feeling burnt out and stressed. To add to this I had just 5 months until my wedding day. Evolve made no promises about a miracle diet but did tell me that if I worked hard and ate correctly, I would get into ‘the dress’.

    Emma Fairclough

    Every January for most of my twenties I have made the same resolution that “This will be the year I shed the excess weight”. After some initial success, I would find myself back in the same position the following New Year.

    I am now 3 stone lighter and my body shape has changed drastically. Clothes fit that I haven’t been able to get into for years and I am much happier and fitter than I have been in a very long time.

    Jennie Webb

    In 2015, I had an operation to repair my ACL, which I torn when playing football in August 2014.

    I soon got back into training in the gym, but leg work was difficult until someone in my gym recommended I try out evolve fitness.

    Anyone with joint injuries sustained from sport, you can’t go wrong with Evolve if you want to improve your condition!

    Daine Massey

    I started personal training with Evolve Fitness because I wanted to develop muscle, gain confidence, improve my posture and weight training technique and feel better about my body overall.

    Martin Pampel

    Evolve has exceptional coaches who genuinely care about their clients development, tailoring their unique training styles and nutrition plans to suit every lifestyle. Evolve’s detailed approach is exceptional but the thing that stands out for me is the passion and excitement which is evident in every session.

    Daniel Jones

    Mat’s programming has allowed me to increase both my strength and lean muscle mass, maintain low body fat percentage and get fitter, all whilst eating more calories than I ever was before. I have found that Mat’s insistence on proper technique and form whilst training has made my routines both safer and more effective, leaving me with a feeling of confidence when attempting more advanced exercises in the gym.

    Adam MacArthur

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