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Evolve Fitness and Performance has experience in working with many female clients who have different goals and abilities. This has given us the experience to meet your individual needs. 

Why do we make a distinction between men and women? 

Our fundamental approach is basically the same for everyone, women don’t need to work out differently than men when it comes to building strength. 

However, you must consider the fact that men and women function very differently from a hormonal standpoint, which can greatly impact performance, energy levels, and the ease of body composition changes.

But men and women have different needs, and their goals can vary. So, we modify things accordingly. Every individual is unique, and we tailor their programme to suit their individual fitness levels and strengths.

No Extreme Diets, No Fads

Being healthy isn’t about worrying over the number on the scales, dieting constantly or over doing the exercise. It’s about focusing on your overall wellbeing, not restricting every food or following fad diets.

It’s about building a healthy balance with nutrition and exercise to suit your lifestyle that is sustainable to suit you, something you enjoy whilst still achieving your goals.

Your nutrition is about eating for your health, not constantly following unhealthy ways to lose weight, it’s about adding healthy habits into your life to improve your relationship with food eating sensibly, fueling your body for better performance, recovery and health.

Whatever your goals are, Evolve can support you whether it’s to lose weight or add lean muscle. It’s about creating healthy habits with your nutrition and exercise that sets you up with the best chance of success within your lifestyle.

Our Results

The results we get with our females at Evolve can be defined in many ways: getting stronger and fitter, reducing body fat, increasing lean muscle tissue, learning new movements to moving well or improving overall fitness.

We have a diverse group of clientele with a variety of goals and backgrounds ranging from;

  • Women wanting to look better, lose body fat and improve their nutrition
  • Mums wanting to be fitter and stronger for their kids
  • Pre/ post-natal, wanting to lose weight, feel fitter after having a baby
  • Building lean muscle and improving the shape of their figure
  • Improving overall Performance
  • learning new exercises and movements
  • Women who want to stop getting niggles or injuries, to improve their strength

Our sessions bring benefits you might not expect; they can change the way you feel about yourself and about life. Our members have said how they improved their confidence, resilience, how stronger they’ve become or how they’re able to manage stress better and have much more energy.

Enjoy The Process

All these changes are great, but it’s equally important that you learn to enjoy the process. If all you do is focus on being a certain weight, number on the scales or achieving a specific percentage of body fat, you can sometimes forget to enjoy the journey.

Just as essential, if not more so, is the positive impact the personal training and programming have on your day-to-day life. From having more energy and confidence, being stronger, along with the effect of developing healthy habits that are here for the long term, all contribute to leading a happier healthier life. This will then follow through into every aspect of your lifestyle.


Small Group Personal Training

  • Small Group Personal Training sessions tailored for you and your goals
  • Nutrition support to suit your lifestyle
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Initial Evaluation and full movement screening
  • Coaching & Dedicated Support
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Body Composition Analysis

One-to-One Personal Training

  • One-to-One Personal Training sessions tailored for you and your goals
  • Your own Coach on hand in and around your sessions for dedicated support
  • Regular evaluations and movement screenings
  • Individual Nutrition support thats easy to fit into your lifestyle
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Online programming to follow around your sessions if needed

30 Day Foundation

Set a great Foundation to make changes with your Health & Fitness in 30 days.
Test drive the EVOLVE experience, meet us and get ready to enjoy the journey.

Mat at Evolve focuses a lot of care and attention to make sure you learn lifts/exercises correctly so that you do them safely and with confidence. This has also increased my confidence when I’m in the gym on my own because I now know what I’m doing and understand the reasons why.

Natalie Fox

This has really spurred me on to eat more healthy. With a nutriton programme that Evolve has designed for me, I have been able to achieve a huge improvement in my overall body performance and body shape.

Nicola Hinchy

Since starting my fitness journey with Evolve I feel like a different person. I can do pull-ups and dips. I can do press ups. I have completed numerous 5km and 10km races, and 2 half marathons amongst other challenges.

I’m now stronger, happier and healthier. Thank you Evolve Fitness. I really appreciate everything you have done for me.

Anna De Piano

I was recommended to Evolve Fitness over 12 months ago when I was overweight, unfit and depressed. They have now transformed me into a fit, healthier, slimmer and happier woman. I have lost 4 stone over the last 12 month and I no longer have problems with my knees.

Glyniss Sluckis

Evolve Fitness & Performance is really knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. They have experienced and motivational trainers, who works with you to achieve your goals. The sessions are tailored, well structured, varied and enjoyable.

Donna Dalton

After training with Evolve Fitness & Performance for just over 2 years now I can’t believe how much fitter and more agile I feel now.

I am 61 years of age, I have lost over 20lbs and am now able to easily keep up with those who are 20 years younger than me.

Andrea Tobias

Over the time I was with Evolve, I have seen a marked increase in my performance. I have improved my exercise technique, improved my overall posture and following the extra exercise programming I can now move better, my body shape has changed and I have also learned how to correct my weaknesses and programme for myself.

Aimee Le Bear

I came to Evolve after booking my wedding a year ago.

I wasn’t happy with my shape and I felt really unfit. With Evolve’s help I feel so much better about myself. I feel stronger, healthier and more confident about my body.

Becky McEwen

I’m 21 years old and I originally started training with Evolve Fitness to get ‘toned’. I’ve now been having sessions with them for over a year and I can definitely say that if I was asked me again what my goals are it would be ‘to become more knowledgeable and stronger.’

Sigourney Pendulbury

I came to Evolve having started a career break feeling burnt out and stressed. To add to this I had just 5 months until my wedding day. Evolve made no promises about a miracle diet but did tell me that if I worked hard and ate correctly, I would get into ‘the dress’.

Emma Fairclough

Every January for most of my twenties I have made the same resolution that “This will be the year I shed the excess weight”. After some initial success, I would find myself back in the same position the following New Year.

I am now 3 stone lighter and my body shape has changed drastically. Clothes fit that I haven’t been able to get into for years and I am much happier and fitter than I have been in a very long time.

Jennie Webb


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