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Evolve fitness & Performance is a private Personal Training and Group Training Facility. We offer 1-2-1 PT sessions, small group P.T sessions ( 2-3 people max ) group training courses & various lifting workshops.

At Evolve Fitness & Performance we create the complete solution to health and fitness for each individual. We have extensive knowledge and experience in helping you achieve your goals irrespective of your age, current fitness level or experience.

Our 1-2-1 sessions range from Strength & Conditioning improving your sport performance, rehabilitation, corrective exercise and body composition goals such as losing body fat or gaining muscle.

We offer various group training courses such as the kettlebell course , which is led by a Strongfirst certified instructor. This course will work on improving your strength, movement and conditioning with Kettlebells. To yoga & pilates group training.


  • Evolve Fitness and Performance has experience in working with many female clients who have different goals, abilities and restrictions. This has given us the experience to meet your individual needs.
  • We have a diverse group of clientele with a variety of goals ranging from:- Losing body fat, Pre/Post-natal, Improving mobility, Building muscle, Improving Fitness/Sports Performance.
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  • Knowing  the science and helping you to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it, trust us to motivate and educate you to reach your training goals.
  • Feel confident, increase energy, move and look better. No gimmicks, just effective science led exercise and nutrition for you.
  • Our male clientele goals range from:- Losing body fat, Building muscle, Increasing strength and power, Improving fitness/Sports performance, Sports Rehabilitation, Improving mobility and Posture and Injury prevention.

Our coaches have:

  • Worked with clients from sports specific and the general public.
  • A background in S&C, rehabiliation, corrective exercise, strongfirst kettlebell certified and consult with physiotherapists alongside sessions if needed.
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We offer Free consultations, 1-2-1 PT Sessions, Small Group PT Sessions and Group Training Courses all focused around your goals and abilities!

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Resolve pain, prevent injury, improve movement and optimise performance!

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Edward Phippen

I have always struggled with my weight and it has been a major factor in how I viewed myself.  I hid in group pictures, avoided being photographed below the face (and even then hated the pictures), and every time I looked in the mirror it would be with frustration. After a couple of conversations, I committed to working with Evolve Fitness for at least three months from October 2015.

The results were so good that I’ve continued to work with them. In the first six months, I was able to reach my weight goal – dropping over 34 KG (5 1/2 stone, 76 lbs). Since then we’ve been working on maintenance, building muscle and flexibility, etc.  I have now reached my first year mark with Evolve.

I have been able to lose weight in the past but haven’t really developed the habits or programme to keep it off, so it has always returned (usually gaining more than I lost in the first place).

Evolve’s approach is very holistic.  They have genuine concern for their clients and their overall health and fitness.  Signing up with them doesn’t just mean a couple sessions of personal training a week. If needed and desired, they also provide a nutritional programme to help meet your goals that will provide your body the fuel it needs. They also look at other fitness factors like posture, sleep, and more.  They make sure you understand what you are working on during and between each session… and why.

Because of the Evolve Fitnness approach, I feel like I am building a foundation to keep the weight off for good. Don’t misunderstand, however, it is not always easy.  There is no magic recipe. You really have to commit and work hard, and with Evolve in your corner, you have access to the tools and support you need to meet your goals.


Anna De Piano

I first started training with Evolve Fitness in June 2014. I’d recently lost a stone and realised that I was smaller but wasn’t any more toned.

Evolve introduced me to weight, resistance and compound training. I also started running. They gave me a nutrition plan and told me that I had to start eating much more. At first I thought the weights (and extra food) would make me bulky, but they actually had the opposite effect and made me much more lean and toned. We started to set targets for losing body fat and I actually put on a couple of pounds of muscle.

In one of my first training sessions I had to lift two 4kg dumbbells above my head. I couldn’t. I can now do the same exercise with 16kg. My maximum dead lift is 100kg and I can also bench press 40kg. When I first started I couldn’t even bench press the bar with no weights on!

Since starting my fitness journey with Evolve I feel like a different person. I can do pull-ups and dips. I can do press ups. I have completed numerous 5km and 10km races, and 2 half marathons amongst other challenges.

I’m now stronger, happier and healthier. Thank you Evolve Fitness. I really appreciate everything you have done for me.

Andrea Tobias

After training with Evolve Fitness & Performance for just over 2 years now I can’t believe how much fitter and more agile I feel now.

I am 61 years of age, I have lost over 20lbs and am now able to easily keep up with those who are 20 years younger than me.

Mat Roberts is an inspirational coach who has developed my fitness programme to suit my needs and ability.

I am now lifting 26kg for kettle bell deadlifts and easily do push-ups, squats, pull-ups, rows and lunge variations, which I now love to do.

Thanks to Evolve I am no longer breathless when I climb the stairs at home and I can’t wait to get to the gym at least three times a week to begin my training. Mat varies my programme and addresses any weaknesses that I may have.

I would encourage anyone at any age to use Evolve for fintess, weight loss and confidence boosting



Daniel Jones

Evolve has exceptional coaches who genuinely care about their clients development, tailoring their unique training styles and nutrition plans to suit every lifestyle. Evolve’s detailed approach is exceptional but the thing that stands out for me is the passion and excitement which is evident in every session. They clearly have great integrity, as they genuinely care, which is why I have now been training with them for over six months and love it.

My strength has improved and my posture which has improved significantly through postural exercises I have learned. My overall body condition has improved, my body fat is getting lower each month and my total body composition is progressing very well.