“Strength and fitness will show that there are no shortcuts. Like all things in life, that are of great value, success is forged with long-term consistency and hard work”

Knowledge is power

Every individual is unique and comes with their own movement restrictions, fitness levels, goals, strengths and weaknesses. This is why it is so important that the exercise addresses this and educates them along the way as they evolve and progress. At Evolve Fitness & Performance we offer an holistic approach. It’s not just how many sessions per week that are done. It’s about bringing best practices and education in a number of different areas inside and outside of the gym. This includes further exercise and nutritional programming and information on the science behind what you are doing. These are only some of the areas that we cover. We also use software to provide a more complete picture for each client’s journey. Offering you the complete package to get the best results.


We have a wide range of experience combined with extensive scientific knowledge. We are dedicated and passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals. We also work alongside an experienced team of physiotherapists and other coaches. We want all our clients to move, feel, perform and look better, but more importantly, we want to improve their lifestyle overall.