Weight loss : 50 lbs
Inches lost: 7 ins off my waist; 3 ins off my arms; 3 ins off my thighs

I came to Evolve having started a career break feeling burnt out and stressed. To add to this I had just 5 months until my wedding day. Evolve made no promises about a miracle diet but did tell me that if I worked hard and ate correctly, I would get into ‘the dress’.

I’m not going to lie, the first few sessions were hard, but I was allowed time to catch my breath! I was taught all about the correct techniques needed so that you don’t injure yourself.

My strength has consistently improved and I am now lifting weights that I wouldn’t have imagined possible if training on my own.

Although my weight loss hasn’t been consistent, this has mainly been caused by personal stress factors including a relocation down south just 4 weeks prior to my ‘ big day’, but I still managed to shift the weight.

The area I have noticed a massive difference has been in the changing of my body shape. My confidence is now vastly improved and Evolve Fitness has been a motivating factor in me taking up the challenge to get even fitter.

I now go running by myself and am able to run for 5k without having to constantly take a breather!

This, however, is just the start of my journey and I will be continuing on my fitness path in my new home, knowing that Evolve is at the end of the phone if I need any help or have any questions.

Emma Fairclough


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