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It’s all about what fits into your individual lifestyle and every aspect is taken care of by us.

Why Men Come to Evolve

The results we get with our males at Evolve can be defined in many ways: getting stronger, reducing body fat, building more muscle, learning new movements and moving well or improving their overall performance.

We have a diverse group of clientele with a variety of goals and backgrounds ranging from;

  • Guys over the age of 35+ who want to get their body back, to lose weight, get stronger and improve their fitness
  • Dads who want to become fitter and healthier for their kids
  • Guys who want to advance with their lifting or improve their movements in the gym
  • Men who want to look better and build muscle
  • Business guys you run their own business or have very busy jobs who want to reduce their stress, to feel better and fitter
  • Guys who want to improve their performance or sporting performance, they have entered a race or are the occasional weekly runner who’s always getting niggles or injuries and wants to get stronger.

Before you start you will have an initial evaluation, which lets us gauge your current fitness levels and movement. This will give us an understanding of your personal goals and develop a program tailored to your needs and give you the best chance for success.

You Only Get One Body, Take Care of it

A leaner, stronger and functional body is an obvious goal for guys. But addressing your fitness can result in other life-improving benefits. For example, regular cardio training can reduce the risk of many chronic and potentially life-threatening illnesses or make you better equipped to deal with everyday stresses.

Improving your strength will help in injury prevention and reducing your injuries. As well as improving your movement, becoming stronger and more flexible in movements you never thought you could do in the gym. It’s not just what you do in the gym it follows through into everyday life.

Enjoy The Process

All these changes are great, but it’s equally important that you learn to enjoy the process.

Just as essential, if not more so, is the positive impact the Personal Training and programming has on your day-to-day life. Having more energy and confidence, being stronger, and fitter.

Along with the effect of developing healthy habits that are here for the long term, all contribute to leading a happier healthier life. This will then follow through into every aspect of your lifestyle.


Small Group Personal Training

  • Small Group Personal Training sessions tailored for you and your goals
  • Nutrition support to suit your lifestyle
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Initial Evaluation and full movement screening
  • Coaching & Dedicated Support
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Body Composition Analysis

One-to-One Personal Training

  • One-to-One Personal Training sessions tailored for you and your goals
  • Your own Coach on hand in and around your sessions for dedicated support
  • Regular evaluations and movement screenings
  • Individual Nutrition support thats easy to fit into your lifestyle
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Online programming to follow around your sessions if needed

30 Day Foundation

Set a great Foundation to make changes with your Health & Fitness in 30 days.
Test drive the EVOLVE experience, meet us and get ready to enjoy the journey.

I would 100 percent recommend Evolve Fitness and Performance to anyone at any level.

Mat has given me the confidence and belief that anything is possible with some hard work and know how.

Jay Elkinson

In the first six months, I was able to reach my weight goal – dropping over 35 kg (5 1/2 stone, 77 lbs). Since then we’ve been working on maintenance, building muscle and flexibility, etc. I have now reached my first year mark with Evolve.

Edward Phippen

I initially started with Evolve with the ambition to intensify my motivation for the gym and also to increase my weight. Within weeks I could notice a substantial difference to my health after doing predominantly strength work and posture improvement.

Marcus Buchanan

Evolve Fitness did an initial consultation looking at my diet and lifestyle, current training programme and personal goals and objectives. From this information they built a bespoke training and nutritional plan. Since working with Evolve I have lost over 3 stone in weight and dropped nearly 10% body fat.

Prak Patel

My body fat has dropped dramatically and I’ve lost over 3 stone which I am very pleased with. My nutritional knowledge has changed a lot and I now know more about exercising correctly and the correct nutrition to eat to improve sports performance.

David Corry

When I first got on board with Evolve Fitness and Performance I had a serious back injury. During the 6 months I have trained with Evolve, they have helped strengthen my back and improved my overall posture through learning corrective exercises.

Tom Stephens

I made the decision to change my life and start losing weight and to get fit. So with the support of my family and friends I embarked on a new health and fitness plan with Evolve Fitness and Performance.

I knew it was going to be hard and at times really tough! But with Evolve’s help over the last 8 months I have lost nearly 6st. I also ran a 5k Parkrun in under 40 minutes something I never thought I would ever do.

Paul Hopwood

In 2015, I had an operation to repair my ACL, which I torn when playing football in August 2014.

I soon got back into training in the gym, but leg work was difficult until someone in my gym recommended I try out evolve fitness.

Anyone with joint injuries sustained from sport, you can’t go wrong with Evolve if you want to improve your condition!

Daine Massey

I started personal training with Evolve Fitness because I wanted to develop muscle, gain confidence, improve my posture and weight training technique and feel better about my body overall.

Martin Pampel

Evolve has exceptional coaches who genuinely care about their clients development, tailoring their unique training styles and nutrition plans to suit every lifestyle. Evolve’s detailed approach is exceptional but the thing that stands out for me is the passion and excitement which is evident in every session.

Daniel Jones

Mat’s programming has allowed me to increase both my strength and lean muscle mass, maintain low body fat percentage and get fitter, all whilst eating more calories than I ever was before. I have found that Mat’s insistence on proper technique and form whilst training has made my routines both safer and more effective, leaving me with a feeling of confidence when attempting more advanced exercises in the gym.

Adam MacArthur


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