I started personal training with Evolve Fitness because I wanted to develop muscle, gain confidence, improve my posture and weight training technique and feel better about my body overall.

The sessions have been challenging but ultimately rewarding โ€“ my posture and strength have improved immeasurably and there have been some subtle changes to my physique. In the next few months I expect that there will be further changes as we continue to address my weaker areas and strengthen those.

As a Coach, Mat has been nothing but supportive. Evolve regularly encourages and challenges me to do more, they tailor and alter my programme as the weeks go on and this helps me to progress whilst learning the programming.

For the price of the package you start to see its not just about paying for each session, its about the whole package from their support, nutrition, exercise programming, information given and their constant monitoring to keep you pushing forward is well worth it.

Martin Pampel


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