I came to Evolve Fitness and Performance to get stronger, fitter, improve my performance in boxing and improve my overall posture. 

I want to massively improve my strength in my body weight exercise’s such as pull ups and dips, along with learning the correct movements on certain exercise’s to progress my strength. 

There is science and theory incorporated into every aspect of my training. Mat is very enthusiastic, clearly love’s what he does and haves a lot of patience. It’s all about results and moving forward. For example some weeks we back off so that the following week we can smash it and increase my numbers. 

With Evolve, massive importance is put on correct technique . I have never lifted a heavy weight before being fully warmed up and having mastered the technique first. My trainer Mat gives me clear instructions on how to perform exercises and watches every rep I do to make sure I perform the movement correctly. When I deadlift he makes sure my body is set in the correct position and gives me various cues to ensure the risk of injury is as minimal as possible.

I would 100 percent recommend Evolve Fitness and Performance to anyone at any level. My posture has improved massively, which is something I was conscious about and eager to change.This increase in performance has also improved my boxing dramatically. Mat has given me the confidence and belief that anything is possible with some hard work and know how. Basically all I have to do is show up motivated and well fed and they do the rest. I used to overthink numbers and be counterproductive but Mat has taught me a lot about strength and performance.

Evolve are all about injury prevention, technique, programming and results.

Anyone can stand there and make you work hard but Evolve’s methods are more efficient and it isn’t all about going at 110 percent capacity all the time.

Jay Elkinson


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