My goals were to: gain muscle, improve posture, gain strength and learn exercise programming.

Start weight: 11.1lb Current weight: 11.10lb

When I first got on board with Evolve Fitness and Performance I had a serious back injury. During the 6 months I have trained with Evolve, they have helped strengthen my back and improved my overall posture through learning corrective exercises.

Evolve also set out a complex nutrition plan to help me increase my strength and energy levels.

Evolve focus on technique and ability, ensuring that results are achieved by correct lifting whilst safely improving my strength.

I now know a lot of exercises for my posture and how to periodize my workouts.

I  know whatโ€™s best to do in the gym and as Evolve says โ€œaddress my weaknesses first and the results will come.โ€

Tom Stephens


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