I’ve been doing PT with Evolve for around 5 months because I wanted to tone up my arms and back and improve my overall posture. 

I tended to be very hunched and round shouldered. I’ve really enjoyed all my sessions with Evolve Fitness as they are very varied and testing. 

I’ve noticed a massive difference in my body shape, posture, strength and body fat. 

This has really spurred me on to eat more healthy. With a nutriton programme that Evolve has designed for me, I have been able to achieve a huge improvement in my overall body performance and body shape.

The extra support which is offered is great. This includes extra exercise programmes for the days you want to exercise alone. 

Additional information sent by email on exercise and nutrition, along with regular support has been a great tool to have. 

I can’t wait for even better results leading up to Christmas and into the New Year.

Thanks Evolve-PT

Nicola Hinchy


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