Kettlebell Fundamentals

Learn safely, efficiently, and effectively to achieve great results

The Kettlebell Fundamentals Course is Coming Soon

The Kettlebell fundamentals is designed for you. 

Maybe you’ve tried our various kettlebell workshops for 1-2 days and want to improve more.

The Kettlebell fundamental Course is 8 or 12 weeks long for anyone that’s wanting a more in depth approach into Russian kettlebell training.

We have identified the fundamentals of kettlebell training and built this Course around them. Evolve members will be taught essential skills, techniques, and principles how to safely and effectively train with kettlebells to achieve great results taught by a SFG Instructor certified by StrongFirst.

Evolve members will come away from the Course being able to safely and effectively train with a kettlebell on their own.

The Kettlebell fundamental Course is ideal for newcomers to the kettlebell and also those who have been training but want to refine and perfect their technique. This Course provides a valuable education for people of all levels who want to optimize their training to develop themselves to get stronger, move well and improve their overall fitness and health. 

Our approach to get better with the kettlebell 

We teach 6 fundamental skills with kettlebells throughout the 8 or 12 week course starting with the basics on the kettlebell movements, progressing as we go through the weeks on the course. This allows us to ensure that all members leave with the ability to perform these movements and skills on their own, safely and effectively.

Kettlebell Principles

Evolve members will learn our movement fundamentals, breathing techniques, and tension skills for instant strength gains. This focus on principles and fundamentals allows us to narrow the course to the essentials needed to accomplish your goals

What will you gain?

The kettlebell is a great tool to train with on your own. But to do so, you must learn how to use it safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Evolve members have made immediate strength and performance gains once they learn the fundamentals and the principle-based system that supports them.

Who is this course for?

 It is designed for all people who want to use the kettlebell to get stronger and more conditioned. Once you are taught the movements and the principles, we will also discuss programming. All Evolve members will also receive an in-depth Course manual that will further their knowledge on the kettlebell movements and programming.

Our passion to help others become great with kettlebells.

Dedication to every detail, an in-depth course with coaching that is delivered on experience and passion, to help others become the best they can be with kettlebells. StrongFirst instructors hold the highest standard in the industry, delivering teaching principles to help people use kettlebells safely and effectively.

We look forward to working with you and helping you learn how to use your kettlebell the right way. 

Strength starts here…

On this Course you will learn


For a mobile and strong lower body.


Beginning with the deadlift regressions to the swing -for power and conditioning.

Turkish Get-up

For whole body strength, better movement and balance.

Military Press

For strong and stable shoulders.


Power and strength.


Learn to snatch well, improving your strength and conditioning with this amazing ballistic lift.


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