Evolve Fitness and Performance is unique when it comes to online coaching.
Everyone is different, so there are no generic programmes sent out. You will work 1 to 1 with our online coach to create an individual exercise and nutrition programme based on your personal goals. It will be designed specifically to fit into your lifestyle.

How can we help you?

Comprehensive consultation – taking into consideration everything from your;

• Training history
• Injury history
• Goals
• Time you can commit to training

We ask that we can use any postural photos and videos of you performing exercises in order for us to improve your technique and overall posture.

Evolve Fitness and Performance will address your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths.

How we do it

It doesn’t matter where you are based because you will be monitored via Skype, phone calls and emails. You will receive progression reports, videos, photos and descriptions of every exercise you are performing. We are on hand to answer all your questions in order to motivate and encourage you on your way.

Whatever your goals are, your programme will include some of the following areas:

• Dynamic Warm Ups
• Improve strength and power
• Muscle Building
• Fat loss/conditioning
• Mobility
• Proprioception
• Injury prevention/rehabilitation

Eat to perform

“If the car ain’t fuelled right, it simply won’t run”

No BS nutrition methods, no missing out on social occasions and constantly being on a diet.

The Power of Nutrition

Quality nutrition advice and coaching is what we do at Evolve Fitness and Performance. No fads or extreme dieting to get results. Our approach is to ensure our clients are eating right, fuelling their training for better performance and recovery. This way your body will run optimally, giving you the best chance for success.

What you will receive

In-depth nutrition consultation with an online coach.

 Individualised nutritional plans based on your goals, age, and gender to fit into your lifestyle.

These are produced via nutrition software designed by nutritional experts and which are used by professional sports clubs and institutes.

Reports are easy to follow based on your goals.

Nutritional analysis reports consist of nutrition sheets and graphs giving a breakdown of your macro-nutrients for each day, week, and training.

Reports also include your daily energy expenditure, addressing any dietary requirements, including diabetes and pregnancy/nursing.

Explanation of foods and supplements if needed for a better understanding of why they are included in your nutrition plan.