Male training

With our holistic approach and passionate coaches, we have a genuine concern to help our clients overcome whatever obstacles are in their way. Hard work pays off and if you want to see results with our knowledge and experience we will show you the RIGHT WAY. This combination will get you where you want to be and will follow through in every part of your lifestyle.

Feel confident, increase energy, move and look better.

Female training

Evolve Fitness and Performance has experience in working with many female clients who have different goals, abilities and restrictions. This has given us the experience to meet your individual needs. You are an individual, and your exercise and nutrition needs to address your personal goals and weaknesses.

Group training

• Being motivated with each other to train and enjoy your exercise.
• Understanding what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.
• Whether it’s training with a friend or partner, Evolve Fitness and Performance has effective and more affordable small group coaching sessions available.
• Training with others in maximum groups of 2 or 3 people, yet still working on your individual goals.

Online training

Evolve Fitness and Performance is unique when it comes to online coaching. Everyone is different, so there are no generic programmes sent out. You will work 1 to 1 with our online coach to create an individual exercise and nutrition programme based on your personal goals. It will be designed specifically to fit into your lifestyle.


We are all here to improve our bodies, we respect you for that and push you every step of the way. Evolve Fitness and Performance classes are now working with ‘I Will If You Will’ (IWIYW) in affiliation with Metropolitan Borough of Bury Council. We will not only help you to get fit but educate you regarding your own exercise and nutrition.