At Evolve, your wellbeing is our priority. We’ve always prided ourselves on keeping our environment spotlessly clean.

Maintaining a safe, healthy environment

So, we’re already in a good place, but the seriousness of the Coronavirus situation deserves new levels of stringency. Our response is to instigate a strict plan of initiatives to protect and reassure our members training at Evolve Fitness & Performance.

Existing practices

  • Personal training is only ever carried out in groups of six or one on one.
  • Every member has a minimum space allocation of 140 sq. ft when training.
  • Each member has sole use of their equipment for each session.
  • Our Training System creates natural training separation within the gym.
  • All equipment is cleaned with sanitiser after each session.
  • We limit sessions to 50 minutes to allow for 10 minutes of cleaning

New initiatives

  • We’ve had a private cleaning company use top quality cleaning products on our floors and equipment so there isn’t a corner that isn’t missed. They will also be making monthly visits cleaning our facility.
  • We will thoroughly sanitise the entire space every week.
  • We’ve got a hand-sanitiser station and other sanitizer spots with other products on the gym floor.
  • Every training station is positioned at least 2 metres apart.
  • Rest assured Evolve fitness & Performance will keep up to date with the correct practices on the government guidelines. 

Keeping our Private Personal Training facility, a clean and safe place to train.

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