Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor

Evolve Fitness & Performance is headed up by Mat Roberts who is a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor.

Mat has a multifaceted approach to fitness and nutrition, which is highlighted throughout his extensive career in the health and fitness industry. His route into fitness began at the age of 15 through various sports and his own personal experience of over exercising, poor nutrition and little guidance, which lead him to develop an eating disorder aged 16. Through Mat’s recovery and with counseling he overcame his eating disorder and decided he wanted to learn about the correct approach to exercise and nutrition. This helped him improve his body which subsequently lead him into a career in the industry.

In time Mat then diversified into Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, Rehabilitation and helping others with similar experiences to himself.

Aside from his specialised areas he is also studying to become a Physiotherapist.

Mat offers a full range of services and his client base currently reflects his diverse approach. These include numerous fat loss clients, both male and female, health conscious individuals of all ages, rehab, injury prevention, as well as sport’s specific people who are interested in improving their performance.

However, his main client base is regular people wanting to be healthy, lean, happy and fit! Who wish to achieve their fitness goals and get results.

These include:

• Gym, Home and Outdoor Personal Training 1-to-1 and Small Group basis
• Reducing body fat and improving body composition
• Muscle Hypertrophy
• Improving overall fitness and performance
• Strength & Conditioning
• Postural Realignment
• Nutritional advice with programming 

Mat has also run and advised on various Strength and Conditioning classes concentrating mainly on nutrition and improved movement.

Mat is passionate about fitness, health and nutrition and is committed to constantly enhancing his knowledge, skill base and expertise, He is always learning and keeping up to date with industry specifics, and loves helping people improve their overall lifestyle.

We also have other experienced coaches working with us around the Manchester and Bury area. For further information about getting a coach near you email us.

Paul Edney
Coach and Physiotherapist

I have been qualified as a physiotherapist since 2005 and currently work within both the NHS and private sector. Having a keen interest in strength, conditioning and rehabilitation I specialised as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist over 10 years ago. Currently I am undertaking my Masters in Advanced Physiotherapy. This involves me undertaking extensive training to develop my theoretical knowledge of anatomy, physiology, injuries and pathologies and thus enabling me to work as a Manual Therapy specialist. As a result, I believe I am now able to demonstrate a high level of clinical reasoning skills to provide an accurate clinical diagnosis and postulate an appropriate prognosis.

At present I specialise in Injection Physiotherapy providing Corticosteroid injections. The treatment and rehabilitation approaches designed to be realistic and attainable for my clients through using up-to-date evidence based practice. When designing a treatment plan, I often work closely with surgical consultants and personal trainers to ensure patient centred rehabilitation approach is delivered. Prior to completing my degree in physiotherapy, I obtained a degree in Sports and Exercise Science which has enhanced my creativity and increased my repertoire of therapy techniques when providing treatments. This has been particularly helpful when working alongside elite athletes, swimmers and up until recently whilst working as the lead physiotherapist for the BWFC women’s team.